Bedstraw (Hedge)

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Bedstraw (Hedge)

otanical: Galium molugo
Family: N.O. Rubiaceae

Galium molllgo, the Hedge Bedstraw, another closely allied species, with white flowers, very common in this country, has much the same properties as Lady's Bedstraw.

An American species, G. tinctorum (Linn.), is closely allied in properties to G. verum. It is said to be useful in cutaneous diseases, and the root is employed by the Indians for staining their feathers and other ornaments red.

Besides the above, there are also four other British species, i.e. G. palustré (Water Bedstraw), common in watery places; G. uliginosum (Rough Marsh Bedstraw), smaller than the first-mentioned, the stem being rarely more than a foot high, slender and brittle; G. saxatile (Heath Bedstraw), a small species with dense panicles of white flowers; G. tricorué which is tolerably common in some of the English counties and in the Isle of Wight. The stems of this species are about a foot long and rough, as well as the leaves, with prickles pointing backwards, the flowers grow in threes and the first is reflexed. About seven or eight other species have been described by British botanists; they are, however, of rare occurrence.

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