Damiana, False

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Damiana, False

Botanical Name: Aplopappus laricifolius
Family: N.O. Compositae

Synonyms: Aplopappus. Bigelovia Veneta.
Part Used: The leaves.
Habitat: Chili.

Description: The U.S.D. refers to Aplopappus discoideus as False Damiana. Gray refers to it as Bigelovia Veneta.

Constituents: A volatile oil, also a fatty oil which has the smell of the plant, brown acid, resin, tannin. The resin is peculiar in containing other resins.

Medicinal Action and Uses: It is used as a stimulant in flatulent dyspepsia and chronic inflammation with haemorrhage of the lower bowel. It is very useful in dysentery and in genito-urinary catarrh and as a stimulant expectorant; the tincture is useful for slowly healing ulcers.

Preparations and Dosages: A strong decoction is made by 1 part to 5 of water. 1 tablespoonful as a dose every two hours. Dose of the fluid extract, 5 to 20 minims.