Apple (Balsam)

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Apple (Balsam)

Botanical Name: Momordica balsamina
Family: N.O. Cucurbitaceze

Synonyms: Balsamina.
Part Used: The fruit deprived of the seeds.
Habitat: East India.

Description: A climbing annual plant cultivated in gardens for the sake of its ornamental fruit, which is of a rich orange red colour, ovate attenuated towards each extremity, angular, warty, not unlike a cucumber. The name is derived from Mordio, to bite, so called from the bitten appearance.

Constituents: Has not been examined qualitatively.

Medicinal Action and Uses: A liniment is made by adding the pulped fruit (without the seeds) to almond oil. This is useful for piles, burns, chapped hands, etc. The pulp is also used as a poultice. The fluid extract is used for dropsy.

Caution is required in administering - large doses resulting in death.

Dosage and Preparation: Dose, 6 to 15 grains.

Poisons and Antidotes: As for Bitter Apple.

Other Species: Momordica charantia and East Indian species with bright orange yellow oblong fruits. Momordica mixta has fruit shaped like a bullock's heart, bright red in colour.