Violet, Water

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Violet, Water

otanical: Hottonia palustris
Family: N.O. Violaceae
Synonyms: Water Milfoil. Water Yarrow. Feather Foil.

The Water Violet, an aquatic plant, is in no wise related to the familiar Violets and Pansies, but is a member of the Primrose tribe - named after Hotton, an early Leyden professor of Botany.

Description: It is common in ponds and ditches. From the abundance of its finely divided leaves, which are all submersed, it was also called Millefolium by older writers and Water Milfoil, Water Yarrow and Feather Foil popularly. It flowers in May and June, the flowers being large and handsome, pink or pale purple, with a yellow eye, arranged in whorls one above the other around a leafless stalk, which rises several inches out of the water and forms a handsome spike.